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The goal of this site is to assist Professional Business Leaders and aspiring Leaders from around the world to learn from each other. Networking, discussing and debating will help develop a broader perspective.  That goal includes the advancement of your business success and personal Life.

We ask you to join only so we can maintain the culture of business learning in a positive environment.  We will terminate a membership of anyone not living up to that standard.


We will not sell or give your information to anyone.


You can "FOLLOW" someone you find interesting.  


We will create a safe space for executives to discuss and debate current challenges and opportunities in business.  Just remember to not discuss organization sensitive topics!  You can do that with one of our advisors, we will provide a non disclosure.

DG Success Insights will facilitate discussions and debates from a business perspective.  We will post our thoughts and how we might do things, we are under no illusion that ours is the only way or necessarily the best way for your situation.  We post to create a discussion and hopefully find more right answers for you to consider.


 The whole point of a Mastermind blog is find many right answers and chose the best one for you.  

This is a business site so all discussions should be from the perspective of Positive Professional Business Standards.

Partisan politics or religion will result in your membership being terminated.  We need to understand politics as it is part of our business environment, the way a global leader has to assess their environment in total and determine the most appropriate place for investment of capital and other resources.  We respect the community' right to self government, and our right to choose where we invest our resources.

Racial, or any derogatory comments directed at a person or persons will result in Membership Termination.Profanity will not be permitted and will result in your membership being terminated.

This site and blog are not to be used for promoting individual service offerings (ads of any kind) and if that happens, the post will be removed and membership terminated. 

 John R. Daley 

Managing Partner

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