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DG Success insights has been a very proud  Value Added Associate of TTI Success Insights for over 20 years.  We receive the best continuous training and certifications in the use of their tools.  That in combination with our extensive education and experience in the business world makes it possible for us to deliver significantly more value to you and your organization..

WHAT ARE ASSESSMENTS  & TECHNOLOGY TOOLS? Assessments reflect our own perceptions of who we are and how others perceive us. The results are based on your responses to short questionnaires. An assessment can help you understand why you make decisions, how you communicate, how you perceive the world and what you are capable of doing. Assessments can help you find a new career, job or companion. Assessments have been used for self-diagnosis for years. 


CAN ASSESSMENTS BE USED IN BUSINESS?  Yes! Assessments are used to improve communication skills, develop leadership competencies, decide a new career path, or understand the best sales strategies. Employers use assessments to analyze job requirements to help find the best match in a new employee, to help their employees work more efficiently as a team, or to help employees communicate clearly with other employees or with clients. 


WHY DO YOU NEED THEM? Assessments help increase efficiency in teams, reduce turnover, improve communication, reduce workplace conflict and stress, identify best employees and grow them, and hire people ideally suited to the job — creating job match that pleases employers and employees, too. 

*Organizational Growth Tools

Navigating The Growth Curve with a Stages of Stages of Growth X-Ray™ process (Workshop)

  • Getting your core team focused on the right things at the right time. 

  • Teaching your core team how to predict how growth will impact your company.

  • Getting clear on what's required of  your core team as they adapt to the needs of your company in its current and future stages of growth.


Your 'Core Team'  can't grow the company any longer by simply doing more of the same.

Organizational Growth Tools

  • 27 Business Challenge assessment

  • 7 Stages of Growth assessment

  • Agreed upon plan for the future

Leadership Development Tools

  • Leadership Assessment

*Talent Selection Tools

You hire the whole person.

We believe employers must have a holistic approach when it comes to hiring. You must begin by understanding you are hiring the whole person -- not just their experience or their skills or their behavior style.

That's why it is essential to use the Science of Self™, which includes our five social and psychology sciences assessments, to understand that unique individual and create ideal job fit.

Using our assessments as part of a robust and diverse hiring process provides insight into: 

  • behaviors

  • motivators

  • competencies

  • acumen

When using our patented job-benchmarking process in selection, our best practices yield a 92% success rate and meet guidelines set by the EEOC and OFCCP.


Helping you understand what the job is truly all about.  


Our distinctive approach to job benchmarking identifies a specific job — not the person — in an interactive process to improve organizational dynamics.


Job benchmarking takes the guesswork out of hiring and workplace dynamics in general, making it easy to remove common biases often associated with hiring and retention. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provides a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success.


Job benchmarking identifies:

  • Key accountabilities

  • Skills for superior performance

  • Candidates’ behavior and intrinsic motivators for achieving the key accountabilities for the job  

* Training and Certification complete. 
experience in leading organizations as CEO's.