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business Challenges

Let's see if we can uncover where your challenges are holding you back from the success you expect?

Let me ask you some questions? 

Research shows us that the number of employees an organization can give insight to challenges and opportunities.

Especially when you are starting out, how many bank presidents do you know personally?  ______

Did you build the relationship with them before you needed them to approve you for financing?  ______

How many employees did you have a year ago? ____

How many employees do you have today? ____

How many employees do you expect to have in 12 to 18 months? ____

Clink on the number of employees you have for each of the 3 questions? Past challenges, current challenges and future challenges?


Want to know more?

Let's talk about your specific challenges and opportunities so we can see if we both agree DG Success Insights could make a significant improvement in your life and business with a custom program. 


Let's discuss the possibility of your business significantly improving and you and your staff looking forward to going to work and home even with a pandemic going on.

What Our Clients Say


Pamela Baird

"John possesses depth and breadth of coaching, leadership and sales management experience. He is knowledge, inspiring and personable. I recommend his services! "

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