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Daley Group's offerings are founded on the belief that the most valuable asset in your organization, and the one asset that no competitor can duplicate, is your human talent.  We specialize in knowing how to help you build a "Culture of Performance".  Each coach has a complete understanding of systems and processes giving us a solid foundation for maximizing human capital.
 Increase annual revenue of 1 billion $ company from .01% to .08% 
Grow sales of a 1 billion $ Life Sciences Company from 1% to 8%. Three-quarters of US companies are prioritizing innovation, with growth as their top objective. Is your company among them

There were 4 sales forces all with their own management team and goals. Each sales force was primarily made up of bench scientists. Growth was at about .01% of this billion dollar life sciences company. 

We combined all sales teams globally under one management team. We built the College of Sales and Science with over 160 courses designed and built internally with the help of marketing and R&D. We build and facilitated a career path that encouraged the sales team members to move up in their career ladder. The global team was required to take online courses, workshops and working with their managers to grow their sales and technical skills in order to move up. We designed and built a online transcript that was well received. Sales goal success was built into the ability to move up the ladder. The sales team actually pushed the management to help them improve. We built and facilitated our own on boarding process for sales reps and management. We also designed and built a private Team Sites where teammates globally could share competitive information with each other, Marketing and R&D.

We actually started sourcing top sales team from competition due to the College of Sales and Science and the career ladder. Our sales growth went from .01% to .08% in about 2 years. 
McGraw Hill
Executive Career Coaching


Situation: As McGraw Hill spun-off and reorganized their education division, the once productive, healthy culture quickly spiraled into a distrustful, unstable environment.  New executive leadership - absent of doing thorough, prudent research and asking the right questions - immediately began reducing U.S. based regional managers - - the very people in whom prior management had invested significant coaching and resources.  The whirlwind change instantly impacted productivity, professional relationships, and home lives. One member of McGraw Hill's management team (and even promoted by McGraw Hill during the reorganization) engaged The Daley Group to coach her in dealing with these transitions. 


Actions: Our three goals were to help our client survive the transition personally; to help her grow professionally; and to prepare her for the real possibility that she would need (or desire) to transition to a new opportunity.  As a top-producing, highly regarded executive in a fast-paced, New York organization, we understood that she would experience culture shock exploring a new position with a St. Louis-based company where her family resided.


Results: We are delighted to report that she is now happily employed with a rapidly-growing St. Louis company.  Her family life has dramatically improved; she realized that she indeed wanted a career change; and she has also learned to manage change in a positive, healthy manner.


Project Team: One Regional Sales Manager, One Daley Group Executive Coach

Skills and tools used: Behavioral, Motivators, Skills, Acumen and Emotional Intelligence assessments;


Skills and tools used:  Executive Coaching and mentoring skills.  An important component in this process was the development of a personal brand; improving her negotiating skills; pre-boarding and on-boarding with the new company.

Spectrum Chemical wanted to grow and take their company to the next level.


Situation:  Sales needed a boost and the Daley Group was called to facilitate the same training that was given at Sigma Aldrich.  Technically the sales reps were great but the Vice President of Sales felt they needed to improve their sales skills, behavioral l skills and stress management training. 


Action: All sales reps were surveyed for sales skills and social skills.  John Daley made calls to interview several sales reps and then traveled to New Jersey to facililate a two day workshop on sales and social skills based on the survey reports. The survey's were reviewed by the sales team.  John Daley helped them understand what the results of their answers were and how they compare to the top sales reps in the world.  Once they understood where they were John helped them understand how to work with all four social styles in a sales process context.  Then they learned how to read and manage their own stress and the stress of the stake holders during the sales process.  


Results: The VP reported an increase in sales of 10% during the next 6 months. 



Radiometer America - Launched new Technology to be used in Hospital Operating Rooms by Profusionists


Global Premier Medical Lab Company purchased a blood gas company that had new technology for the profusionist. Their current sales force was not trained to work in the OR especially with a profusionist so market penetration was a major problem.

First we had to train the sales force on OR ettiquette and sales process. The we trained them on how this new technology would be used by the profusionist and how to train the OR staff on operation and maintenance. The sales force was then trained on competition and competitive differences of this technology.   Ride alongs were important until the sales reps were comfortable with the new OR environment, selling into the OR, supporting installs and maintaining relationships to continue to grow sales.  

After the US Sales Force was trained I was given responsibility for the midwest team for launching this technology. We out sold the rest of the US and Europe and the team won sales team of the year.


Project team: One Regional Sales Manager, Technical training, OR sales training, Behavioral and Motivators.



Call Center - Benchmarking


The Situation:

A group of customer call centers hired our TTI Value Added Associate, because with 140 employees at each location, turnover was in the 80 percent to 120 percent range for customer service representatives, a great deal higher than the national average of 50 percent turnover for call centers in the United States.


Jobs at the call centers paid about $12 per hour. The call center calculated its cost of turnover to replace a customer service representative at $17,000 each. With 140 representatives at 80 percent annual turnover, the company had an annual turnover cost of $1,904,000.


The Solution:

Using TTI assessments, the distributor assessed current hiring practices and completely revamped the screening, interview and hiring processes.


The Results:

A year later, the call center slashed its turnover rate in half, saving the company more than $500,000 annually and producing a 940 percent return on investment.

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