The 12 Driving Forces & Effective Leadership

Updated: Jul 12

One of the key components to long-lasting effective leadership is passion. Leaders who are fulfilling their own goals as they lead organizations are the visionaries many dream of becoming.

Here’s what leadership looks like under each of the 12 Driving Forces, and how you can connect with your team through your Drivers while avoiding the common pitfalls of each respective leadership type.

Instinctive Leaders:

Bring on the Action

People with an Instinctive Driver use experience, intuition, and real-time research to solve an immediate need. As leaders, they cultivate an agile workplace that prioritizes hands-on experience and learning on the job. If you’re looking for a team that prioritizes opportunities to grow, an Instinctive leader will help you get to the next level.

One thing to look out for; Instinctive leaders are more interested in results rather than processes. Try to let your direct reports take their time and establish processes that work for both of you. Encourage them to demonstrate value upfront and lead with results over research. Once you’re on the same page, they can dive into the details

Intellectual Leaders: Knowledge is Power

People with an Intellectual Driver acquire knowledge, discover, and find opportunities to learn. They are the definition of continuous learners, and this serves their team in several ways.

Intellectual leaders will create opportunities to develop the skills of their employees, so if you’re looking for a workplace that will invest in you, that’s where you’ll find it. They highly value comprehension and research and want you to know what you’re talking about before bringing something to their attention.

That being said, Intellectual leaders can get bogged down in details. If this is your main Driver, try not to lose interest if someone doesn’t have their facts straight from the jump. Make your expectations clear at the beginning of projects; you can always help coach your team into a better research process.

Selfless Leaders: Getting it Done

People with a Selfless Driver invest all of their resources and time into completing tasks, regardless of constrictions. This means that, as leaders, they value diligence and the completion of tasks. They have a clear vision of the future and the steps needed to get their organization to that point.

Selfless leaders also make sure that expectations are clearly communicated in the workplace, which leads to a clear and productive working environment. That can become an issue if they begin to focus more on task completion than the outcome. Remember, as leaders, your responsibilities shift from completing tasks to leading your teams to complete tasks.

If you’re a Selfless leader, you can avoid confusion by asking your team to clearly demonstrate their work and lay out the progress at each step. This will make sure everyone is on the same page within your organization and your leadership team.

Resourceful Leaders: ROI Above All