Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the 25-5 Rule

an article I found in Inc. by JUSTIN BARISO

The 25/5 rule is an emotionally intelligent way to avoid distraction, achieve more focus, and get more done.

Tell me if the following sounds familiar:

You're working on a major project. In the beginning, you're excited--you know this "thing" is going to be great.

But as the months go by, the project never gets finished. In fact, it's not progressing nearly at the rate you want it to, even though you've established it as your number one (work) priority.

So, why aren't you further along?

The short answer: Because you keep getting distracted.

Maybe it's the countless meetings that keep getting in the way. Or, maybe it's the hundred other great ideas you have in the meantime, like the other "product" that you can knock out quickly, since this project is more long-term.

You might think:

Let me just do these other things first, because they're quick and easy--or because they're more fun.

It's a no-brainer, right?