Competencies (DNA): What You Need to Know

The Competencies (DNA) assessment is one of TTI SI’s most popular assessments. Here’s everything you need to know, from its origins to the content of the assessment to how you can use it today.

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About the Competencies (DNA) Assessment

From the benefits of the assessment to the ways individuals, teams and organizations can benefit from its insights.

  1. What is the Competencies (DNA) Assessment?

  2. Who Created the Competencies (DNA) Assessment?

  3. What Exactly Are Those Competencies?

  4. How Does the Competencies Assessment Help in the Workplace?

  5. Who Can Use Competencies?

  6. How Can You Use Competencies Right Now?

  7. What’s Your Next Step?

What is the Competencies (DNA) Assessment?

This assessment was created to manage and develop an individual’s career by identifying their top personal skills, based on how they score on 25 research-based skills required by any job

These skills are ranked from ‘developed’ to ‘needs development’. It’s also TTI SI’s longest assessment; it’s 125 questions.