4 noteworthy questions to ask about company culture as you rebuild

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Why Does Company Culture Matter?

First of all, here are a few reasons why company culture is important for employers and employees.

For Employers

Company culture is not just for employees. Employers need to be on top of the needs of their teams if they want to keep those teams.

We’ve shared before that positive company culture can increase employee engagement by 30% and earnings growth by 28%. When employees know you’re investing in them, personally and professionally, they’ll work harder and be happier in their roles. Corporate cultures matter now more than ever when it comes to attracting new talent, as well. Defined values, established benefits, and leadership development will help you land your high-performing dream candidate, instead of them flocking to your competition.

For Employees

Company culture is incredibly important for employees. While there are a lot of obvious benefits to a good workplace culture like better engagement and productivity, employees can also consider the benefits to their mental health and physical health. A bad culture in a work environment will negatively impact work-life balance and physical health, quite possibly resulting in burnout. When you find the right culture fit, you can avoid those downsides and prioritize yourself, which will ultimately help you prioritize your work. Finding the right organization that fits with your value and lifestyle will also ultimately become the best environment for workers to develop their careers. Positive company culture enables people to perform at their highest levels, which in turn creates an environment to develop their careers.

4 Questions to Ask to Assess Company Culture

So now you know the benefits, for employers and employees. Now you need to get to work! Here are the four company culture questions you need to ask and answer.