​Have you ever noticed how people at different levels of an organization have different priorities, values and a different language?  Same with people at different income levels.   John has spent over 45 years learning, fine tuning what he had learned with experience so he could create skills for success.  Every time he thought he was successful he saw the next challenge.  The skills that got him to his current level of success would not get him to next level.  Each level has a different group of people for him to fit in with, different priorities and values to learn for the NEW peers and position.  He learned this was true in his personal and professional life.

Have you ever heard the phrase people hang around people like themselves?  You hang around people that get your world?  When John's sister asked him to help senior executives get back in the game after the financial crisis of 2007 it was because they weren't comfortable opening up to anyone that hadn't walked in their shoes.  John had and they did in fact feel comfortable opening up to and working with John, over 2000 (a 98% success rate) of them. 

Let's Talk!


John will share with you:   


• how he sold, installed and trained the staff for 8 Million in medical equipment sales in one year. (ICU, ER, OR)

• how relationships helped him managed small businesses with sales of .5 million up to 30 million.

• how he successfully hire, train and managed 36 pharmaceutical reps, 3 districts in a start up pharma company.

• how he helped a life science company with sales of 2 billion dollars in sales totally rebuild  
  their sales force as corporate training manager in 56 countries and grow sales by 2%.

• how he turned around several small businesses that had numerous challenges.

• Facilitated 5 Small Business Owner groups of between 8 and 12 owners each that meet       
monthly; developed solutions for their specific size  company

• lessons he learned from turning around five not for profits and merged two.

• lessons he learned as a board member of five not for profits, one currently.

John started out leasing a New Skelly Gas Station in the early 70's at the age of 18. After a couple of successful years, sold the station and joined the Air Force as a combat controller. While in the Air Force, he kept taking college courses and graduated shortly after being Honorably Discharged from the Air Force, minoring in Psychology and a major in marketing.  
To be in the top 5 sales Teams most years, John had to work successfully with many types of people.  He learned that he had to ask the right questions to get to “Yes”.  He became a trusted business advisor and a subject matter expert.

 While working with people from 56 countries John earned his master’s degree in International Business while being employed as Training Manager for an international life sciences company.  That meant working nights and weekends with his team of classmates and working with colleagues in those 56 countries around the clock.
John has had many successes but also has recovered from a divorce, bankruptcy, 4 sons ; - ), being terminated once, losing a successful business during the 2007 -2008 Financial crisis, helping clients file for bankruptcy, lay off their employees, and losing his home.  Every one of those events made him stronger and wiser. John pivoted every time to comeback more successful than before!

Following the 2007-2008 financial crisis, John developed a system that helped over 2,000 displaced executives, some who did not know how to work their own email, or social media, networking or writing a resume! All these former clients are gainfully employed, many in positions with greater pay and responsibility!  

 Why is all the above information important to you? There are very few incidents in life that John has not experienced and he has a knack for asking the “right” question of trusted partners to provoke thoughts, a conversation or most importantly, a Solution! His methods work for everyone from your family to stakeholders in your business success.

The longest relationship of his adult life is the marriage he shares with his wife, Kathy.  They have been married over 40 years!

Wouldn’t you like to share a conversation with John? 

He may have the questions and solutions you need to develop a plan of action to make it happen!

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