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Hospital Employees

Medical/ Critical care sales Success

People are the most important challenge and opportunity for a medical sales.


Communications and Stress Management are critical to the success of any medical sales team calling on medical offices, emergency clinics, surgery centers and hospitals. The normal communications with staff and customers can be challenging enough but the Covid pandemic adds a whole new level of stress.  















So many personalities to deal with and the increased stress level makes communications even more difficult.  People lash out much more easily.  Relationships are being pushed to the limits. 

How would you answer these questions?

Do you enjoy going to work, seeing your customers, staff, patients and suppliers

 most days? ____

Are stress levels making staff retention more difficult? ____

Are your communications skills and stress management skills a little rusty from reduced use over the last two years?  ____

Are there some customers and team members you wish you didn't have to deal with today? ____


Does their stress level seem to be reducing effective communications during the sales process?  ____

Are there some customers and team members that you can't seem to communicate with well? _____  Can't seem to close the sales with them?  _______

Are you worried about making quota in this current business environment? ______

Do you think the stress level at work is being carried home to the families and loved ones making home life more difficult? ____


Our Communications Skills and Stress Management Programs are designed to change any or all of the answers to yes and our goal is our clients love going to work and seeing their staff and customers.  Our goal is to improve life at home and at work.

Would you like to get back to being seen as a trusted medical and business partner?  Would you like get back to being seen as as trusted subject matter expert?

John has over 25 years experience in critical care medicine and five years in Life Sciences.  He has successfully worked with staff in offices, clinics, surgery centers and hospital ORs,ERs and ICUs.


John was trained in ophthalmic surgery, Cardiology, thoracic surgery,  pulmonology, anesthesiology, radiology, profusion,  blood gas analysis, clinical information systems and process improvement. He has been a sales and clinical trainer for critical care equipment used in ICU's, OR's and ER's.  He has taught Leadership and Sales Communications, Emotional Intelligence and Process Improvement skills to sales and medical professionals for over 30 years.


DG Success Insights has a strong background in Leadership Relationship Skills and Sales Management, Communications and Stress Management.    


Let's talk about your specific challenges and opportunities so we can see if we both agree DG Success Insights could make a significant improvement in your life and Sales Career with a custom program designed for you and your team. 

Let's discuss the possibility of you practice significantly improving and your staff looking forward to going to work and home even with a pandemic going on.

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Nurse And Patient

What Our Clients Say


Pamela Baird

"John possesses depth and breadth of coaching, leadership and relationship management experience. He is knowledge, inspiring and personable. I recommend his services! "

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