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Our Clients are the Stars in their story. We are Honored to serve them as they become heroes in their Small Businesses. 
After years of trial, error and success we understand and advise managers on how to be valuable, effective and Happy Leaders of Successful small businesses.
John R. Daley
Managing Partner

Solutions that help business owners improve performance, ignite profitability, sourcing the right talent and put a laser-like focus on productivity issues that might be creating obstacles to growth has been John’s passion/strength, Since 2004.


His goal is to help business owners identify the obstacles they face every day as the complexity increases, creating new challenges around every corner.


John's expertise is in Consumer Goods, Life Science, Chemical, Medical Capital Equipment and Pharmaceutical Industries.  John has over 25 years in critical care medicine and research. He also has expertise in Sales, Marketing, HR, Organizational Development, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management.  John has had several years of success doing turnarounds. 

What does that mean to you, the small business owner?


It simply means John understands your world – he has a proven formula for growth and works with business owners to get to the root cause of issues in order to stop just solving surface issues. The word John uses is ‘focus’ – he helps small businesses focus on the right things at the right time.

Deborah Hostetter
Managing Partner

South Central US


Deborah Hostetter is a transformational leader and entrepreneur who brings creative innovation to all levels of an organization and translates it to revenue. Prior to joining Daley Group, Deborah worked at Project, Inc. in St. Louis as  the Chief Executive Officer tasked with turning around the company, instituting best practices in every department, expanding process capabilities for new markets and launching an award winning entrepreneurial business.


As a chemical engineer, she turned around lagging processes and manufacturing departments for Monsanto and Mallinckrodt, pioneered a national , technical chemical sales team for Fisher Scientific that was expanded across its biotech and safety departments, and developed branding strategies for King Innovation.  Her cutting-edge solutions to chemical operations, marketing and sales organizations always yielded more efficient and effective processes, delivering high ROIs.


Deborah's expertise is in Life Science, Chemical and Medical Capital Equipment  developing a Culture of Performance. Deborah is considered a leading coach of executives from CEO's to Sales Leaders.  Deborah has helped a non profit get back to financial health.

Robert Kiehl
Managing Partner

Central US 


Robert Kiehl focuses on Sales Performance Coaching, IT assessments, leadership coaching, and organizational strategy.


Robert's expertise is Hi Tech and Call Centers developing a Culture of Performance. Robert is considered a leading coach of executives from CEO's to Sales Leaders.  


Bob has been involved in management, sales & marketing, business expansion and coaching teams and individuals for the last 37 years in various high-tech, training and direct marketing firms.  Bob is an author, speaker and advisor to all levels of management, with a focus on improving revenue results, identifying cost savings and developing a corporate Culture of Performance .



Robert assisted John with the lead of 5 non profits to get them back to financial health including merging two of them. They included  2 Childrens organizations, ALS of Greater St Louis and The Endangered Wolf Sanctuary.

Pamela Daley
Managing Partner

Global Talent Management 


Pam is a renowned executive coach in the St Louis region with all levels of sales and managment.  She has been successul at helping executives move to the next level in their current company or prepare for and find a new company to grow their career.  


Pam spent many years traveling around the country assessing and successfully coaching business owners with small to midsize organizations.


Pam has been asked to share her opinion on career management by several organizations around the country.


Pamela's expertise is in coaching executives in growing their career either by change or promotion.  Pamela is considered a leading coach of executives from CEO's to Sales Leaders.

“We're a vibrant, leadership consultancy focusing on developing individuals and teams into leading organizations . We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals; develop innovative solutions - and realize them!

So what are you waiting for, let's meet" !  Having us in your network is a win/win.

John R. Daley, Principal
Daley Group, LLC  Global Consulting