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Our Mission -

Small Business Success


As a resource with well over 45 years of knowledge, C level experience, and a background in psychology and neuroscience we assist small businesses to succeed.  Along with the research  from our partners at TTI Success Insights and FlashPoint! LLC,  we have developed an amazing suite of business growth tools to choose from in assisting you and your team in building your successful business.  We  focus on assisting our small business clients in identifying the 27 critical issues research has shown obstructs growth, increases cost and decreases profits.  

We assist our CEO clients and their teams:

  • Identify critical issues for CEO's in advance

  • Provide the right tools for better decision making

  • Figure out what to focus on next

  • Create a  Alignment between the CEO and his/her management team

  • Assist CEO's and their management teams to create a language of growth that engages every single employee in the organization

  • Assist your managers in Sourcing, Onboarding and Developing the right talent

  • Be aware of,  prepare for and mitigate current and future challenges that impede growth

Our team has 35 to 40 years each in developing and growing successfully leading small businesses of our own.  We have completed several successful turnarounds and mergers.  We have assisted well over 1000 small business leaders in developing their leadership team and successful business growth. 


This is the knowledge, experience and skills we bring to our clients.


DG Success Insights and TTI SI believes all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware, exists to reveal and harness those talents into performance for the good of individuals and organizations alike. 


Our knowledge, experience and skills have made it possible to build easy to use and customizable digital tools to make everyone’s life easier, more productive and enjoyable.

We are passionate about assisting people,  well over 1000 Managers and Leaders.  
Successfully Served since 2005

John R. Daley MIB
Mentor to CEO's & High Performing Entrepreneurs