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Exclusive Leadership Mastermind

Group Rules

  • Mastermind Group members will have similar size companies based on number of employees and sales

  • Members must have similar experience (knowledge, experience and skills) and a strong desire to get to the next level

  • Leadership Mastermind groups will have between 8 and 12 members.

  • Mastermind Group Members will approve any new members to their group

    • They must relate to you on a personal level. Can you see yourself being friends, or at least spending non-work time with the members of this group? The reality is, you’re likely going to spend at least a few hours each month either in-person or online with your mastermind members. If you don’t have similar interests, passions, hobbies or experiences, you’re not going to click.

  • Each Mastermind meeting will last 4 hours on a zoom call

  • Members must be willing to share ideas with the group as they discuss opportunities and challenges

  • Each Member will have an opportunity to present one opportunity or challenge for the group to brainstorm on 

  • No Competitors in the same group

  • Every Mastermind Group Member will sign a non-disclosure as will the Group Facilitator

  • Mastermind Group Members will be required to only miss two meetings a year

  • The facilitator is not their to teach or pontificate and neither should any member.  Our goal is to discuss and debate possible solutions and possible ideas

  • Mastermind Group members will be respectful, honest and open 

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Countless studies show that companies with skilled, effective leaders significantly outperform their peers.

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