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Stages of Growth X-Ray™: A Laser-Focused Day About Performance Tuning


10 Reasons to Crack the Code of Growth for Your Company Today


  1. Walk away with a winning short-term and long-term view of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and turn them into action steps.

  2. Target what your key issues are: People, Process or Profit and gain insight on how to address them in order of priority. 

  3.  Get your company focused on the right path to improving performance.

  4. Remove the hidden barriers that are causing performance to slump, people to disengage and profits to dwindle.

  5. Lock onto your five greatest challenges and take them on one by one until performance begins to improve.

  6. Uncover the Rules of the Road for your stage of growth and two previous stages of growth. Take a hard look at how well you have completed each Rule for these critical stages of growth. Based on our research not getting these done at the right time is a huge ‘performance drainer’ for all companies.

  7. Learn the secret behind your builder/protector ratio (your ‘confidence/caution quotient’). Find out why your employees are so uncomfortable with change. Figure out how to create an atmosphere of confidence with just the right amount of caution.

  8. Create a ‘language of growth’ that will resonate with every single employee, helping them to understand how they impact a company’s profitability.

  9. Learn how to maximize your company’s ability to stay focused on the right things at the right time.

  10. Determine if you are ‘running ahead of your headlights’ and what that means to your business performance in 6 – 12 months.


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How do we Crack the Code of Business Growth?

A Stages of Growth X-Ray™ is a one-day or two-day workshop, created for the business owner/CEO, designed to improve your business performance. You’ll never look at your company the same way after understanding the 7 Stages of Growth Enterprise Development Model. You will gain insight and clarity to the obstacles that are slowing you down. You’ll quickly be able to identify and understand your greatest challenges based on your specific stage of growth.

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The 7 Stages of Growth

The 7 Stages of Growth Model was developed by James Fischer, author of ‘Navigating the Growth Curve’. Mr. Fischer spent six years interviewing over 650 CEOs to find out why some businesses succeeded and thrived and others failed. The result of that research is captured in the 7 Stages of Growth Matrix introduced to business owners in this impactful workshop.

Each stage of growth has its own demanding set of rules, its own particular needs and its peculiar challenges. As a CEO or Executive Leader your task is to predict and manage the changes, clearly learn the rules as you go along and alert your staff to the balance each stage requires. Measuring growth is all about complexity. The 7 Stages of Growth Enterprise Development Model is based on the number of employees a company has because people add complexity. In fact, people more than revenue or profit are the defining insights of a company’s success.

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A New Language Designed to Improve Performance

In this one-day or two-day workshop, you’ll begin to understand the nuances that exist in every company that tell a story. For instance, the Builder/Protector Ratio is a key ratio in every company that can tell a business owner much about why change is hard to address or why rumors or gossip are rampant in an organization. Get your Builder/Protector Ratio in line with your company’s stage of growth and start improving performance.


The Three Gates of Focus, People, Profit, and Process are ultimately what creates the infrastructure for growth in any organization. Get out of line in your stage of growth with any one of these and performance will suffer. Get the right one figured out and you can engage an entire team in focusing on the key issues that will get performance on track.

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Predict, Focus and Adapt

Our goal is to help business owners predict how growth is impacting them now and into the future, focus on the right things at the right time to get maximum performance and adapt to the needs of their company in its current stage of growth. The Stages of Growth



X-Ray offers unique tools not available anywhere else.  Using these tools designed with your stage of growth in mind, you will see improvement in your overall margins, better staff buy-in and improved overall performance.

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27 Challenges/27 Strengths Exercise


Sometimes a business owner or executive leader fundamentally knows there are problems but just can’t articulate what the problem is. This exercise, supported by over 6 years of research, identifies 27 specific business challenges uncovered in interviews with over 650 successful CEOs. Studies support the fact that if you can IDENTIFY a problem, you can improve upon it. This exercise, conducted with the CEO and key executive leaders, provides incredible insight into how problems are perceived and starts the company down an intentional path to solve them.


Understanding a company’s strengths are just as important as recognizing its challenges. By getting a better handle on where the company excels, time and resources can be put elsewhere. The other positive outcome of this exercise is the satisfaction on the face of the executive team when they take the time to really evaluate what they do well.

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Builder/Protector Ratio Assessment


In James Fischer’s book, “Navigating the Growth Curve”, he introduces a unique phenomenon that indicated there is a blend of confidence and caution in every company and successful CEOs understood this critical ratio. They understood also that it was their responsibility to provide the balance of this ratio to move their companies forward.


This phenomenon is called the Builder/Protector Ratio (B/P Ratio) and is a measurement within a company of confidence vs. caution. It’s a critical measurement tool for a CEO and their leadership team to be able to assess the company’s ability to accept change, react with confidence to that change and help the company achieve its stated goals.


A Builder mindset creates new ideas, takes on new initiatives, and finds ways to expand the revenue and profitability of the enterprise. A Builder chooses to challenge and improve the way things are done. They are risk tolerant and highly supportive of growth. A Builder tends to be confident in the financial strength of a company and hold a high degree of confidence in the company's processes and systems.


A Protector mindset is cautious and prefers to slow down the pace of change. They are risk adverse and highly suspicious of growth. Protectors may not feel confident in the company's financial strength and are slow to embrace the optimism of the future.


 Too much Builder or too much Protector mindset in a company can create unrealized obstacles to growth.


There are specific signs happening today in your company that will immediately let you know how balanced your Builder/Protector Ratio is. A leader can get a good idea of their company’s B/P Ratio by 1) tuning into the voltage (think energy) in your company 2) talking to your leadership team and asking some pointed questions and 3) listening to your employees, really listening.


If a company is aware of its B/P Ratio, it can 1) make good decisions in a timely manner 2) accept change as a part of the company’s culture and 3) engage employees in meaningful dialogue because they have helped design the strategic future of the company.

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Non-negotiable Leadership Rules of the Road Assessments


Complex problems, the kind CEOs run into every day, are rarely fixed by simple solutions.  Companies are, in fact, complex adaptive organisms and not unlike complex adaptive organisms found in nature they are run by rules that often go unnoticed by their owners.


Strong evidence shows that entrepreneurial firms proceed through seven definitive stages of growth which inherently exhibit separate unique sets of rules for survival at each stage of growth. Operate within those rules and the odds are in your favor. Operate outside those rules and the odds move against you.


What most CEOs don’t understand are the change in the rules as their company’s move through these different stages of growth. A whole new set of requirements are constantly being asked of CEOs and it’s hard, while living through the chaos that exists in growing companies, to understand what these requirements are.


Nature is well known for being a hard task master and in the same spirit the rules for each stage of enterprise growth must be mastered before moving on. Many CEOs make the classic mistake of thinking that if they just keep doing what they did when their company was smaller and less complex, things would be fine. 


Growing a consistently healthy enterprise requires a CEO to be aware of and abide by the appropriate rules of each stage of growth.

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Stages of Growth X-Ray™ Map – A Visual Tool Designed to Tell a Story and Focus the Team


The X-Ray Map provides a business owner or executive leader with a comprehensive understanding of where their company is in relationship to the ‘ideal’ company for their stage of growth.


More than likely, you are doing many things well. You may feel extremely good about profitability, cash flow, processes. However, our experience tells us that without a ‘benchmark’ of understanding – ‘where should I be’ vs simply ‘here I am’ – a leader could be lacking a lot of critical information and may be missing one or two key areas that are undermining their ability to exceed expectations.


The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ Map takes the guess work out of where you are doing well and where you need some work. In either the one-day or two-day session, the Map becomes the ‘Rosetta Stone’ for getting to the core of your issues and knowing what needs to be done to address them. A secondary benefit includes the ability for the business owner or executive leader to explain visually, to the other key members of their team and the entire company, how the company is doing in nine specific areas of growth and what improvements need to be made and where.


The three primary benefits of understanding where your company is in the 7 Stages of Growth are:

  1. You are better able to adapt yourself and your organization to the vagaries of change and chaos in our rapidly changing economic landscape,

  2. You are better able to laser focus the resources (people, money, time and attention) of the company on the correct goals and strategies 

  3. You are better able to effectively predict enterprise behavior well in advance of critical decisions that need to be made


Creating a sustainable, thriving enterprise takes time, patience and planning. And it takes practicing the art of intentionality and knowing how to navigate through various stages of growth.

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