Assessment, Selection, Onboarding,  reboarding and Development Plans

Have you experienced hiring someone that was technically amazing and terminating them for lack of social skills?
Most of us have!

recruiting and selection are not the same!
Recruiting is sourcing candidates and selection is identifying which candidate is the best fit technically and culturally for a long term, successful employee.

BEnchmarking works in harmony with both recruiting and selection.
Business Meeting

Here are some questions we should discuss? 

  • What is your current hiring process?

  • How often do you experience turnover?

  • How many applicants tend apply per position?

  • What is the working process or job wise?

  • Do you have any internal employee concerns at the moment?

  • What happens if you don’t fix this problem?


In our experience addressing any issues in any of the above areas will increase productivity, creativity, reduce turnover, decrease costs and increase profits.

Our hiring process we have perfected over the last 40 years is a natural progression from updating the job description and how success will be measured to efficiently then screening, interviewing, selection and development plan.   


We haven't run into the perfect team member of leader yet!

Let's see if we can uncover where your challenges are holding you back from hiring the best fit for your position and team?

Are you Uncertainty:

  • With the big picture and how this new role contributes to the organization's goals

  • With what the new person is supposed to do specifically

  • On how to structure the job ad that attracts the best people

Let us give you Clarity:

  • On the hiring process. We can Guide you with a clearly defined process

  • By guiding them to ask the right questions during each stage of the interviews

  • On how to select and compare the best applicants specifically

DGSI in Recruitment & Selection
Our tool measures 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces®.
TriMetrix HD in Recruitment & Selection


This tool measures 3 core dimensions of thought, 25 competencies or soft skills, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.

Your TriMetrix HD report reveals specific details that will enable your client to see the most accurate and detailed picture of a person’s “how”, “why”,"what" (have done) and "what" (can do) to uncover insights into all levels of their talent — a crucial part of the hiring process to ensure superior performance long term.

Everyone's brain has a unique thought process or model through which we filter and assess our views of the world.


These patterns of thought determine our acumen: our ability to make good judgments. Adding this element to a report provides you with a layered profile that reveals the most “ah-ha” moments to your client at a glance.

Combine our Online Assessment tools with sadvisors that have successfully held most positions in companies and hired literally 10's of professionals over the last 30 plus years.

We have been in you shoes and through training and experience we have become very successful at assessing talent and advising hiring managers with the information they need to make successful hires.

Tools we are proficient in using:
  • Gap report - One candidate compared to job (what are the gaps and are we willing to train with in the gaps)


What Our Clients Say


John Gilliland


Sr. Account Manager, Account Services at SourceAmerica

Pam Daley is a true career transition professional that focuses on career advancement especially in the Executive and Middle Management roles. Her ability to develop a professional capabilities profile with a campaign plan specifically designed on my experience has been a great value in introducing my abilities to key decision makers. The secret to transition success is not only "what" you know but "who" you know and, as Pam says, "who knows you". Her network of business contacts has been the missing link for me in searching out those unadvertised opportunities. I highly recommend the Daley Group for their support and results focused approach.

John Gilliland 636-489-8768