These are a few of the past and present companies we had the pleasure of contributing to their success.  We are proud of the organizations we have been able to partner with and we strongly believe we need to contribute to our community by helping not for profits and individuals when they need our unique offering.  
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John Daley is an excellent executive and business coach who brings the highest level of enthusiasm, inspiration and business expertise. He is one of those rare individuals possessing not only an insightful strategic vision, but the ability to implement innovative solutions to bring the initiative to successful realization. The quintessential leader, John has a strong record of success with businesses and organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries. His integrity, depth of character, broad intellect and keen business acumen ensure results of the highest caliber. I would highly recommend John and his team for leadership, business coaching and improvement at all levels of executive leadership and in all business situations.


Craig Marton,  CEO

“Daley Group has numerous talents. To me, they are in a league with very few others when it comes to leading teams to change (improve). They are as adept at analyzing a company, mapping out processes, procedure and strategy, building an improved strategy and executing it with strong leadership skills; with his consultants and with the client's people. They do all of this quickly, yet in a very organized and detailed fashion. John and his team adds true value to our clients and partners. I recommend him highly.”

William Billeaud

Global Executive, Management Consultant and Strategic Investment Banker

President at Lombard Global, Inc.